Gašper's Mill - luxurious villa and restaurant under the High Tatras


Gašper´s Mill is an ideal place for relax – in its insides it hides spacious wellness zone which delights all your senses.

Perfect privacy

As we never join groups of our guests in the wellness zone, you can enjoy your perfect privacy only with your company – no matter if you are a couple, family or a group of friends.

Touch (feeling)

The biggest organ of the human body is skin. Every day it is stressed, exhibited to cold, warmth or sunshine, that´s why it is necessary to give it back its energy, which it is losing. Three saunas and an eddy bathtub (Jacuzzi) which you can find here have positive effects on your complexion and also on inner organs.

  • Infra-red sauna
  • Finnish sauna
  • Steam sauna
  • Eddy sauna (Jacuzzi)
  • Tepidarium ( heated bench)

In the whole wellness zone the guests can use high quality, fine sheets made of original linen, which was produced in a traditional way with no limits. The sheets were hand - woven approximately sixty years ago by our ancestors.


Our saunas and the eddy bathtub are equipped by light therapy- in longer time periods you will perceive power and healing effect of particular colours, which function even at the time, when you have your eyes closed. Let the colours fill your mind and let them give you energy and good mood!


During having a sauna it is necessary to follow drinking regime – spring water is certainty. However in our wellness zone we offer quality green tea, which has a positive effect on human organism.

Smell and hearing

Not only in particular saunas but also in the whole wellness zone we have a fragrant and music programmes, which make your stay in the relax centre pleasant. Fragrance as well as light and colours, in combination with pleasant music have positive effect on your mood and they degrade stress.