It is possible to stay in 3 rooms and 1 apartment. Our accommodation capacities are spacious, cozy and stylish. There are artworks by an academic painter Marián Čižmárik and the interiros are inspired by folk creativity and the life of our ancestors in Batizovce. The furniture copies the style of furniture of old farmer‘s houses in the Subtatran villages.



Gasper‘s Mill contains a spacious spa zone that will delight all your senses.

As we never combine the guests in our spa zone, you will enjoy it in a perfect privacy.

In our spa zone there is:

  • Finnish sauna and cooling bucket
  • steam sauna
  • infrasauna
  • tepidarium (heated bench)
  • relax beds, showers and toilets

Throughout the spa zone, our guests can use high-quality, fine linen cloths made from real linen, which was hand-made in traditional way approximately 60 years ago by our grandmothers.

Green mill


Gasper’s Mill is a building that is energetically independent of external sources. It includes a small hydroelectric power plant that produces "clean" green electricity. In addition, our mill also uses energy and heat from the Sun and the Earth - we obtain it using solar panels and heat pumps.

We also use water from our own well and after using it we treat it in our wastewater treatment plant. We also adhere to high standards of waste management, where we try to reuse our waste as best as possible and our culinary team adheres to the principles of zero-waste use of ingredients during cooking.