Gašper's Mill - luxurious villa and restaurant under the High Tatras


Gašper´s Mill Restaurant is a place, where you will certainly feel well: you will feel not only the energy from water or fire, but also a touch of Subtatran history. Mainly you will taste original, but traditional Slovak meals, which our chef Jozef Breza will make and introduce to you with love.

Gašper´s Mill Restaurant is combined with the cosy café. At the entrance you will be attracted by original pieces breathing history – whether there are old parts of mill mechanisms, hundred – year-old hand woven and embroidered curtains and tablecloths, decorated wedding bed – head, plaited baskets or various agricultural tools. General impression is completed by works of art by the academic artist called Marián Čižmárik, which complete the interior and they provide guests an unforgettable experience. The fireplace is a dominating factor of the restaurant, on which you can surely notice cups with the souls – because according to Slavonic fairy-tales, kelpies pulled their victims under water and they buried their souls into cups turned upside-down. Always live fire gives our restaurant the atmosphere of peace and quiet.

Really gourmand experience is waiting for you in the Gašper´s Mill. The chef cooks from the fresh and the most quality ingredients. We will offer quality wines from Slovak producers to you. These wines take leading positions in the world wine charts. Coffee, bear or rare distillates lovers will also enjoy time spending here.

Gašper´s Mill Restaurant is a marvellous place for cabinet family celebrations, business meetings or romantic dinners spent in two.

To keep up cabinet, family atmosphere and comfort in the restaurant, capacity of the restaurant is limited. That´s why we ask you to inform about the reservation before you visit our restaurant or we would like to ask you to book comfort table.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Culinary team

The chef Jozef Breza

Jozef Breza is a young chef from Snina, a town situated in the eastern part of Slovakia. He puts first quality ingredients, perfect preparation, well-balanced taste and nice appearance of his meals, that he often serves not on a plate. Jozef‘s cuisine is creative: he likes preparing meals from those parts of meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, that people don’t use that much today: guts, skins, bones, crusts and peels... From these ingredients he creates excellent and interesting food that is also touched by tradition or history. His passion is fishing, but picking forest berries and treasures as well as his love to gardening visibly reflects on a plate. Jozef gained work experience in restaurants in Switzerland, Italy or Austria, in Slovakia he worked for Kempinski Hoteliers: in Strbske Pleso, High Tatras he was at the position of sous-chef. In Gasper‘s Mill he cooks a perfect experience for our guests: to offer new tastes, unknown ingredients or combinations of flavours.

Stanislav Cicoň creative and precise sous-chef, who has gained experience in renowned restaurants around Ireland is the right hand of our chef.

Restaurant opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday: reservation only
Sunday - Monday closed

It is necessary to make a reservation before visiting our restaurant. We accept reservations for whole week except Sunday.